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20 September 2006,

Crowne Plaza Hotel and The Goat, Glasgow

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What is TeachMeet06?

Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about technologies.
Anyonecan share cool ideas they have or great ideas they've triallled in their classrooms. Join us in person or via designer mens jeans
We want things that have succeeded and which have failed. Whatever it takes to further the knowledge of the education community.

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Does it cost anything to come?

No. Thanks to our sponsors we have been able to provide the room, the projectors and sound, free laptops, some internet connection and free wine.

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Maximum 7 minutes to present something really cool, interesting or educationally seismic (only kidding - it can just be cool or interesting).
  • Ewan McIntosh, edu.blogs.com, An adoption strategy for social software - how to get your Authority blogging, podcasting and sharing (without getting into trouble)
  • David Muir, EdCompBlog, Using photosharing in the classroom.
  • Ollie Bray, Cross curricular ideas for using Google Earth in the classroom.
  • John Johnston RSS and API, rip mix recycle (or a more friendly title)
  • Steve Beard, Gamemaker and using Writely to plan podcasts (can you do 2 spots, Steve? - sure)
  • Kate and Sean Farrell, Using Teen Second Life with kids (experiences of teaching at the Kids Connect summer camp in New York)
  • Christine McIntosh, Progress Report - blogs and creative writing badly blogged
  • Theo Kuechel Editing video online - a transformational tool for the classroom? badly blogged Theo has set up the onlinevideo wiki
  • Mark Hunter, Tartanpodcast: Finding and using music in your podcasts - for free!
  • Beth Ritter-Guth, Lehigh Carbon Community College, using podcasting, screencasting, vodcasting, wikis, blogs, and games as virtual service learning tools. If you need a list of free open access educational technology tools, check out the newest wiki. This will be a screencast presentation; questions and answers will occur via SKYPE.
  • Andrew Brown, creating screencasts for free (or for very little!), or a wee bit about my LTS project - learning resources in Flash (title tbc?)
  • Ian Stuart, I would like to announce what Islay High School is planning over the next year. I don't finish my own presentation at SETT till 4-45 but I think it my be seismic or at least interesting
  • John Griffiths - demonstrate the power of MediaStage and Mission Maker in 6 minutes !! how are these creative learning tools being used by teachers and students to make learning fun and engaging - If you are teach Media studies or the want to know about the potential of how 3D gaming can support learning you will love this session....


  • Katy MacDougall from Enquire - looking for young people who would like to blog on the Enquire website for young people
  • Gordon McKinlay (I might have an idea for a presentation nearer the time - if things go according to plan over the next few weeks!)
  • Helen and Hugh Smith - a voice formerly from North of the border (but now south). Some blogging material with teacher training students at http://virtual-teacher.blogspot.com/ http://pgce-music-support.blogspot.com/ and http://primary-music-support.blogspot.com/
  • //Andy Watson//
  • //Bob Hill// (if retirement does not catch up with me before SETT)
  • Ian Stuart I am speaking twice at SETT so will be willing to either of those but it will be good to meet and listen. I have just checked and I am speaking at 4pm. I suppose that means that none of you guy's will be at my talk.
  • David Noble (I'd be happy to share about the series of Independent Living podcasts or the directory of educational podcasts)
  • //Nick Morgan// (always open to new thinking)
  • Annelie Carmichael (MFLE content editor, looking forward to new thinking and new people)
  • Fiona Andrew (ICT in education Development Officer) - there is nothing like a free glass of wine to stimulate the imagination
  • Robert Jones (teacher and FreeMIS developer)
  • Marlyn Moffat. Presenting at 5pm....but..don't know about SSDN..a wifi chippy would be preferable to a dinner in the Moat House, always. Could potentially catch your coat tails at some point in the evening, if that thought doesn't make you all go into hiding!
  • Ian Hoffman (Senior Development Officer ICT Edinburgh) always keen to see what the young guns are up to ;-)
  • //Neil Winton// (Teacher and IT evaluator... pretentious, moi?)
  • //Derek Robertson//( LTS Development Officer. Bordeaux? I prefer French wine)
  • //Ian King// (PT Computing Kelso High School) One glass of wine and I'm anybody's
  • //Nova Stevenson// (LTS web content editor - various cross-curricular subjects)
  • //Henriette Ebbesen Laidlaw// (LTS Heads Together Community Facilitator) About to embark on a Masters in Technology Enhanced Learning, so keen to widen my network of contacts with similar interests.
  • //Penny Sim// (LTS Heads Together Community Facilitator) very intrigued with this cool green arrow thingy that everyone else has in their bit) But yes I hope to be there too and to learn stuff.
  • John McIntosh, Mr Blethers.
  • Karen Robertson (ICT Curriculum Manager, East Lothian) ...heard there was wine going!!!
  • Walter Patterson (Partners in Learnig Challenge Fund) - heard there might be some action!
  • Mark Pentleton (Partners in Excellence) - happy to contribute if it's of interest to anyone - I could maybe do a "live" example of our Verbcast podcast and send you all to sleep while learning French verbs...? I can also bring along two students who have been involved in the Verbcast who'll be podcasting on the Apple stand throughout the day for PiE and LTS.
  • //Hamish Scott-Brown// - (Ultralab, Anglia Ruskin University) Online Learning Facilitator with the 1st ever Fully Online Undergraduate Degree Prog (Ultraversity)
  • Ash Wood, Knox Academy, and the 9 Official SETT Film Crew.
  • Susan Buchanan, (PT, Woodhill Primary) East Dunbartonshire.
  • //Elspeth Davis// (a relatively new blogger from Argyll - not sure if I qualify, not sure if I'll understand too much techy speak but willing to give it a go and always ready to learn!)
  • //Lynne Horn// - assuming I can still think by then I'll come for a drink and put faces to blogs!
  • //Jim Wenzloff// - I'll be listening in via Skype if all the tech works. Otherwse I'll follow it on the wiki. Sorry I can't be there for the conversation and have a glass of wine.
  • Elaine Smith - I'll be there to learn! Wine helps learning,doesn't it??
  • //David Gilmour// - Working on East Lothian's Exc-el, happy to share what we're up to and looking forward to putting faces to names - and shamelessly stealing good ideas.
  • //Judy O'Connell// - blogging this year from Sydney Australia, and working on Web 2.0, hoping to launch a push through 77 schools in our western district of Sydney. I'll be along in the wee hours of my morning to listen to what folks have to share. Like David I have to steal your good ideas and experiences.
  • //Cherie Clark-Moore// - I'm working on my Master of Education in Ed. Tech. in Doha, Qatar. Just happened across your wiki and am really interested to hear what you have to say!
  • Sandra Paterson

Post-event Social for NON-GLOW MENTORS

EMCI: The event will run into the SSDN Mentors bash. Many of those coming to the event may be Glow Mentors, even if they don't know it yet. If you know you are not a mentor or know you will not be one then please leave your name here and join us at The Goat for wifi and dinner.

If you are going to The Goat, please pre-order your Goat grub by going to the online spreadsheet version of the Goat's menu, add your initials at the top of a column an putting a one beside your choices. (For more information, see the Grab some Goat Grub post.)


Steve Beard
Ollie Bray
Kate Farrell
Sean Farrell
Ian Stuart
David Noble
Theo Kuechel
David Muir
Ewan McIntosh
Christine McIntosh
John McIntosh
Andrew Brown
Nova Stevenson
Jeremy Stevenson
Allan Ogg
Henriette Laidlaw
Stuart Meldrum
Mark Pentleton
Morgane McIntosh
Ruiaridh Nicolson (20 people to this point)
The SETT Film and Podcast Crew (11)
Mark Hunter




It is worth labelling your things so that you get them back no problem at the end of the evening.

Sponsors still needed

  • Power extension cords (we need as many blocks as we can get)

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