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What is TeachMeet?

Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about technologies. Anyone can share cool ideas they have or great ideas they've triallled in their classrooms. Join us in person or via Skype.

We want things that have succeeded and which have failed. Whatever it takes to further the knowledge of the education community.

suggested combining a meetup with "some sort of joint project planning/ hackday type activity? This woulc be good as it would allow us to explore things like getting web 2.0 into the classroom.

I was also thinking of some sort of community effort at creation perhaps an Authority friendly edu version of one of the popular web 2.0 services, eduTube springs to mind. Something that would last longer than the day.- johnjohnston johnjohnston

We ended up with so much to digest at SETT it would be good to hear updates on some of the projects we have already heard about.

It would be good to have some sort of proposal then decision about what happens before the meet. There was a pile of stuff that we didn't get onto at the last one, once we know how long there is. - johnjohnston johnjohnston

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We're heading into Christmas season, so January might be easier for everyone.
Is an evening or weekend day better?

I reckon the end of January or beginning of February would work well. I would prefer a weekday due to family stuff at the weekend - Gordon
Jan/feb sounds good. To be contrary, personally I'd prefer a weekend, I am class committed through the week and an evening would limit folk by distance- johnjohnston johnjohnston

I would need plenty of notice and only available at weekends. Its a long way from Islay. Though I would definately make the effort. Ian

I would prefer a weekend too, perhaps a Saturday day/afternoon followed by socialising? - Kate
Weekend late Jan / Feb would suit me best - Bob
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(You can select more than one date, so that you show which dates you're available or can vote if you're not fussed)


SETT Teachmeet is in Glasgow, eLive TeachMeet is in Edinburgh, so maybe we should head North for Winter TeachMeet?

I could provide accomodation if that got the ball rolling (I am not sure wbout how late I can get space in Abbey House in Paisley certainly up to 6 or 6:30 should be OK, after that may cost) - Gordon McKinlay (Renfrewshire)

Your all most welcome to come to Islay for the weekend. Accomodation can be arranged. - Ian

I think Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee would make sense thinking about people travelling. Sean can get us space at Dundee Uni, Edinburgh Uni, Heriot Watt or Glasgow Uni, and we can then head on to a pub with free wifi like last time. - Kate

I could possibly get accommodation in Stirling - will talk to my colleagues at LTS if the Management Centre would appeal (for a day-long event, at weekend). Something worth noting - there will be a BarCamp/PodCamp happening for the wider (not just educational) community in Edinburgh in February. I'll elt you know the date asap so as not to conflict.

(Please add ideas and suggestions here)


SchoolTrips2.0 - Neil Winton (Having simply turned up, drunk the wine, and hurled abuse at the last teachmeet, I'd be willing to give everyone a chance to return the favour!)
Islay High School - Ian Stuart I would like to take the opportunityto demonstrate what we are planning and doing