The Gordon Schools Blog and Podcast (Modern Languages), Adam Sutcliffe, March 2006
A blog conceived to carry the podcast of the Rencontres Théâtrâles, the French theatre festival.

We also now have a homework blog specifically related to the proviosion of homework help and information. You will find details of current homeworks as well as podcast versions of the vocabulary guides given to students in support of their studies.

Try also "Rate My Mates" Blog. An attempt at AiFL/Formative Assessment blog where students pass comment on their peer's work.

You might also be interested in listening to our radio shows, TGSi. We try to produce them every 2 - 3 weeks, and thety are usually themed around something that is going on in school. you'll soon be able to subscribe via iTunes but for now check it out at the following address:

TGSi - The Gordon Schools Internet Radio

Last but not least is my own personal reflective blog about how I teach and use ICT in my lessons

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