What a night!

We had a great and productive night and the wifi worked! You can follow posts and see photos of the whole ScotEduBlog thang of this week. Now time to plan ScotEduBlog Meetup 2.0


In Edinburgh, to coincide with the end of eLive!
First suggestions?:
The Jolly Judge pub for Guinness and Bordeaux, 5.00pm-7.00pm (free wifi)
Daniel's Bistro, Leith, 7.30pm (no wifi, really good food and wine, about £12-15 a head, sample menu on their site)
TABLE BOOKED FOR 7.30pm/7.45pm under the name of MCINTOSH. Booked for 7-9 people. If you add your name and there are more than 9 people already please phone the restaurant and change the booking to suit. Ta!


Will Richardson
Ewan McIntosh
John Johnston
Andrew Brown (hopefully - need to see how it fits in with Masterclass coordinators events! --EmcI: Bring them along! A nice day out in Auld Reekie)
Ian Stuart (If I can cagg lift from Andrew)
David Muir - My vote would be for the free wi-fi at the Jolly Judge (although I'd prefer free food). Can we eat at the JJ or if we want a meal do we have to go to Daniel's Bistro? If we can't eat at the JJ, I change my vote to the Bistro. :-)
I think we might do both. Drinks then food.
Caroline Cassels I will make it to the Bistro. It will give time to my baby sitter (aka my Husband) to be back home.
robthill (Bob Hill) - I will only manage along to the Jolly Judge as I have a 7.15 train to catch.
Grant Fraser - won't stay too lae tho on a school night!
Stephen Power,Student Napier University,will knock into the jolly judge


Ollie Bray - school trip
Nick Morgan
Morag - too far
Lynne - too far
Marlyn - supply teacher woes
Isidora - Heading back to Italy.
David Noble - Daughter's birthday