John @ Sandaig Primary, John Johnston, February 2005
A teacher blog ict notes
I am a class teacher at Sandaig Primary in Glasgow. I've also blogged about SuperCard at Bad Poet since 2002

Sandaig Otters, Sandaig Pupils, March 2004
Primary Children's blog
Blogging by children at Sandaig Primary in Glasgow.
Main blog of series of linked blogs at Sandaig , see also Sandaig Poets etc.

**ICT Maverick**, Doug Semple, May 2007

My ramblings on ICT and education.

Lesley Joan's Blog, Lesley Kettles, September 2006
I am a PGDE Business/Computing Education teacher, studying at Jordanhill. My blog shows my ups and downs, of my placements at schools.

Modern Foreign Languages Environment Blog, Ewan McIntosh, Annelie Carmichael, September 2005
(Corporate?) Blog giving MFL links, opinion and debates

ScottishEducation blog - since mid 2005
Nick Morgan, Bobby Elliott, et al
News and comments on education in scotland

ICT in education blog Learning and Teaching Scotland, September 2005.
Each month a different teacher talks about how they use ICT in their classroom giving examples of resources and good websites.

Laurie's Blog, Laurie O'Donnell, Director of ICT at Learning and Teaching Scotland, December 2005 Katie Barrowman, September 2005
I am an English teacher in the North East of Glasgow. This blog is for my Higher class, to help with study and homework.

A day in the life of a duffy, Graham Duffy, February 2006
I am training to be a teacher of Music and eventually drama. This blog is a daily insight into the musical and dramatic experiences I go through as a student.

EdcompBlog, David Muir, June 2004
Random thoughts about Educational Computing from a lecturer in the Educational Computing division in the Jordanhill Campus of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow - Scotland's (Europe's?) largest Teacher Education Institution.

Miscellaneous Learning, Nova Stevenson, July 2006
Content Editor at Learning and Teaching Scotland tracks her thoughts as she researches technology and learning, through some interesting literature on the way.


Kenneth McLaughlin, October 2006
The regular ramblings of a Computing & ICT University Teacher, in the Faculty of Education at the University of Glasgow.

Foolfillment, Stuart Meldrum, August 2002
The blog of a final year student on Glasgow Uni's BTechEd course. I've been blogging on and off for years but only recently have I begun to realise the potential for blogs and wikis in schools., Marcus McGowan, November 2006
This is my Business Education blog for my pupils to create revision notes for the subjects I teach. At present we are working towards Int 2 Business Management and Standard Grade Business Management. I hope to have pupils chatting about learning rather than using MSN! I welcome any ideas or contributions.