Bill's Outdoor Blog

An insight into teaching Outdoor Education in East Lothian.Tess Watson

Biology Teacher and Glow Mentor, Knox Academy Haddington

**Pencaitland Primary School Blog**
Lynne Lewis with news and events from the East Lothian village of Pencaitland's 200-pupil primary school.

Brians Blog, Science technician and GLOW mentor

Science Technician at Musselburgh Grammar School, East Lothian March 2006
I am a one of two science technicians in East Lothians largest school, providing technical support to 18 teaching staff and almost 1400 pupils. I am also a GLOW mentor.

Ollie @ exc-el, Ollie Bray, August 2005.
Running a secondary school Geography Department and other projects.
I am Principal Teacher of Geography at Dunbar Grammar School in East Lothian. I am a member of the Learning and Teaching Scotland Masterclass community and a regular contributor to national forums and conferences on Citizenship and the teaching of Geography.
Ollie Started his new typepad blog on the 1st October 2006: visit

Meadowpark blog,
Lorna McLeod and her team, June 2006
The Meadowpark blog gives the day to day achievements and challenges of working in a school for Additional Support Needs.

mgsOnline Blogs, Ewan McIntosh and Kids, various since April 2003
Learning and reporting blogs
Starting with highly successful school trip blogs, the first ever one run using some pretty dodgy forms and javascript and now, regrettably (?) lost to the internet archive, Musselburgh Grammar School has run several open comment blogs. We let anyone comment live and uncensored. Over three years only a handful (half-dozen?) comments have had to be removed. Don't start spamming us now ;-) Of particular note:

mgsSportsOnline, Musselburgh Grammar School PE Dept, October 2005
A great Typepad blog with loads of links - a great example of a news magazine blog.

Auschwitz Krakow Blog, Jo Moore and Kids, October 2004
Learning blog
The diary of 30 students and their teachers as they uncovered the horrors of Auschwitz.

Head Teacher's Letters, Ronnie Summers, January 2005
Communication blog
Head Teacher Ronnie Summers was keen right at the start of his posting to Musselburgh Grammar School to keep a blog of his letters home. Never again: "It got lost at the bottom of my bag, mum!"

Angus McRury, Angus McRury, 2005
Head Teacher of Innerwick Primary school on the strains of managing a small school

**Dawn Finlayson**, January 2005
A worker on the East Lothian Learning Teams Initiative

**Don's Blog**, Don Ledingham, August 2005
Head of Education blog

**Education ICT**,
Karen Robertson and Elizabeth Cowan, May 2006
Education ICT Team, working to lead and support schools using technology in Learning and Teaching

, Karen Robertson, May 2006
My own blog, managing the ICT curriculum in East Lothian.

**Ed Offer**, November 2005
Newly Qualified History Teacher Blog

Richard Wilson, Head Teacher at East Linton Primary School, musings on boys' attainment and life in general at an East Lothian rural

Robert Jones, September 2006
Maths Teacher at North Berwick High School, writing about anything that comes into his head really, but quite often about educational matters.

Barry Smith's SQH Journey

Principal Teacher of Pupil Support at Preston Lodge High School.
I describe my journey towards achieving the Standard for Headship in Scotland through the Scottish Qualification for Headship. I hope to describe the good and bad, highs and lows, warts and all! Hopefully with a few less cliches...

David's Exc-el Blog
David Gilmour
I've started teaching after a career in industry, and have been combining supply and temporary teaching with supporting East Lothian's Exc-el development. The blog is about Exc-el, and includes a mix of technology news (new tools, changes, new features...) and news of educational applications (student blogging, school web sites etc).

Paul Goodall
Probationary Maths Teacher at Preston Lodge High School, charting my thoughts and hopes through my first year in teaching

Neil Goodfellow
Probationer Geography Teacher at North Berwick High School