Hotmilkydrink (previously at Hotmilkydrink)
Hello. My name is Derek P Robertson and I used to be a lecturer on the B.Ed(P) and PGCE(P) courses at the University of Dundee. My blog can be accessed via the above link.

I began this blog in March whilst at a Masterclass New technologies event. Slow start in keeping it very much a convert when I see how effective they can be for communicating and encouarging shared learning.

I am now with Learning Teaching Scotland looking at New technologies for learning and blogs, wikis and podcasting will certainly be involved. I am now more high-powered than my former colleague. Any comments on my blog are most welcome...

Questions and Reflections
This is my personal blog, but being a partly retired or perhaps partly employed Staff Tutor, I now have the time to air my views on Education and Society. Blogs are a blessing for family harmony; spouses are spared the rant at the end of a bad day, even if the rest of world has to put up with it.

Blogs, wikis, etc., are starting to take centre stage in the advance of education. It is important that they drive other changes in pedagogy and are not slotted into the nineteenth century philosophy of classroom practice.

Tecnoteach / RadioHigh/E-Bears
Hello, my name is Sharon Tonner and I teach ICT to all the children in the Junior School at The High School of Dundee. This is my third year teaching ICT to the whole school and I am always looking for innovative ways to motivate the children to learn and develop their ICT skills through a meaningful learning context. I believe that the children's end product should be for a purpose to give reason and meaning to their learning. My personal blog is at Tecnoteach which logs my developments in ICT and other education issues. My school blog is detailed below and is certainly more exciting as it is what the children are currently doing.

RadioHigh was created in September 2006 for the children at The High School of Dundee to enable the children to develop their Communication, Colloborative, ICT, Music and Language skills. I wanted to enable children to be able to present using their voice rather than always the typed or written text. By developing their skills of blogging, podcasting, wikis and music creation all children in Primary 7 would be able to select the skill that they felt they could achieve in enabling them to be successful learners and effective contributors to the school's radio show.

In conjunction with our RadioHigh blog, where the children share their ideas, our Wiki allows each radio crew to work collaboratively on their show.

E-Bears a collaborative blog where children in the Junior Department at The High School of Dundee and their exchange schools share their adventures with their furry friends.

Follow our journey into the Land of Blogs, Wikis and Podcasting to find out how the children develop this concept.